Day or weekend trips.
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Peshtigo high level (15+) partner(s) ASAP. I’m avail anytime.

Hey Doug! I’m miles I also live in Chicago. Just got a pack raft. Looking for advice on what to hit in Midwest. No whitewater PACKRAFT experience yet. Spend a crazy amount of time outdoors. Let’s get out

Hi Miles, we retired and headed to MT for the ski season and instructing at Big Sky. We’ll be traveling the country for a couple years. I like the Peshtigo in WI. I drop my bike at the State Park (Piers Gorge) for takeout. Drive back to Niagara put in. I put a backpack inside the tubes and pack up the raft and gear for a short bike back to Niagara and car. There is a path to take out (or begin) at the State Park and hike back upstream and put in for multiple loops. Stay to left side of the Piers Gorge drop and you’re fine, the packraft reduces the challenge.

I go by myself but I don’t recommend it. If you are there weekends you can join up with others. Do the full trip from Niagara once before you hike back to Piers Gorge for multiple loops. Check water temp for wetsuit or drysuit. Always helmet! Check water level and flow and know what it means for level of difficulty. The dam in Niagara controls the flow but level of snow runoff makes the dam manage flows.

If you water exit at Piers Gorge you ‘may’ be able to exit flow on right otherwise you float to the State Park… (not far) depends on level and if you are alone or with others covering you at the PG drop.

I use an energency device that gives me 20 breaths if I need it. Keep a Captains (hooked blade) knife to cut any entanglement such as rope grab rail/line surrounding your raft. Some recommend only rope ‘segments’ as grab rail/line around raft to reduce entanglement if your raft punctures and ropes become entangle danger.

Check YouTube for Piers Gorge to see what I describe as left side of PG drop… which is actually right of center river, the current will take you there. Do not be intimidated when you get to the edge and see thr drop for the first time… it looks like Niagara Falls but when you make it through no problem as I did first time with your level of experience, you then know rapids, big rocks or trees can be more challenging than PG drop. Don’t let the description of Class IV cause you concern, class II-III rapids are worse. I ‘guess’ it’s class IV due to height… but it’s a soft water landing, not a big deal.

Checkout APA.org American Packraft Association and see if you can make it to Idaho, 1HR from Jackson Hole WY in July for the 4th Annual Roundup. Then sign up for the 3 day whitewater rescue coinciding with the Roundup start. I attended last year and will again this year.

N. MI I love the Sturgeon, start at Wolverine or rent and bus from Indian River.

Hope to see you at Roundup, BTW my wife doesn’t boat so she shops and fly fishes.

Blessings Be Yours,
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Hey guys I live in Michigan’s lower peninsula about an hour and a half north of flint. I spend a lot of time in the u.p. I have a trip planned for sturgeon river gorge wilderness mid to end April if any ones interested.

I would be up for that in April!

Hey Cyrus I think I sent you a message I’m not real familiar with this site though so if you didn’t get it comment on this or message me. I only now just got this notification. I don’t know why it never popped up before.