Lost/stolen Pack raft.

Hey Everyone! This email is a request for you to please keep your eyes on the lookout for a stolen pack raft. I had mine taken from the gate at the airport in Anchorage on Sunday and would appreciate all the help I can get finding it!

It is a blue and black small pack raft with my name, Paula Hope, and phone number written on the side just under the Alpacka logo. It is in a bright blue nylon pack raft bag with a bright pink pull cord and two attached carabineers’.

If you see something fitting this description on craigslist, a bulletin board, the water, please let me know -

I am so sad and angry about it!

Thanks for your help,
Paula (:


Good luck finding your Alpacka, I would go crazy if I lost mine… thieves are the lowest life form on the planet. :angry:

I just read this post again, and I’m still pissed. If the boat thief is ever found, I will challange him to a cage match. No rules or ref. You whimpy theif, you know who you are. :imp:

Such evil! If we were to come upon such miscreants, we would liberally be kicking their butts! Condolences, Paula.