Looking for packrafting partners in Colorado

I am looking for people interested in putting together some packrafting trips in Colorado. Maybe a little early to start thinking about this being ski season and all but wanted to get a jump on the spring/summer. I have worked for 5 years on the Arkansas River as a whitewater raft guide (Class V sections as well), SWR and WFR certified. I have been packrafting for 2-3 years now and am looking to explore more of Colorado. I took my packraft out last summer on the numbers at 1800 CFS w/ no issues. Hit me up if you are interested!

hey there. I am new to packrafting, but was a sea kayaking guide in Alaska and other places for 20 years. Looking to do flatwater trips to start, Green or Colorado or…? I’d even go in Feb when it’s cold. 3-7 days? I live in Nederland CO, can get time off. Would like to get some firm dates asap for spring and fall! Only packraft trip I’ve ever done was last fall in Wind Rivers (lakes). I’m hooked!

Curious which trips you’ve got your eyes on?

I do a bit of boating around CO and UT, but trips where packrafts are needed for access or egress have been few/far between thus far.

I haven’t started researching trips yet. An obvious one worth doing would the Gunnison River.

If you mean the Gunny Gorge, it is a good one. Easy hike if you go in Chukar, harder if you go in Warner. Better scenery the higher in you start. Largely II+ with a few III+ and one that might approach IV-. Runs year round, at a great flow right now.

Dark Canyon is also a good hike in/float out, as is Cross Mountain Gorge. You can drive to both ends of CMG but it’s also a fun/easy one to use just one car and ride the shuttle with boats on backs.

If you liked Numbers at ~1800 then you’ll like the Upper Animas once it’s past peak runoff. Roadside put in and you can take out (and hike out) lots of different places.

Slaughterhouse is another great run, and bike/boat shuttleable. Shoot for 1000cfs on your first go.

But now I’m getting more into roadside runs, where any boat will suffice. See? Lots of great water, but we haven’t really scratched the surface for runs where packraft is truly needed.

I’d be into several different Canyonlands trips, driving from Boulder area. Maze District-Hans Flat-Millard camp (about 30 miles of road hiking)2-3 days float down the Green to Spanish Bottom, and up through Dollhouse etc back to car. Or a shorter Island District trip: parkup top by the VC, hike down Scafer trail to White Rim to Potash. Launch, float to Lathrop Canyon, hike back up. Either of those sound interesting? Or Needles district…