Looking for decked Yak or Llama

Hi all,
I’m just trying to gear up for the summer on a college budget. I’m 6’ 180lbs, but my legs are probably on the shorter end of the spectrum - inseam 32ish. I was thinking that the Yak probably fits my legs, but the Llama might be nice for floating more weight through serious whitewater. Let me know if you are trying to sell.

Hi, I’m selling my green, decked 2010 Llama with extra flooring - see my profile link for more on the boat.
I’m in the UK and take it you’re in the US but I’m in AZ next week so could post it from there.
Asking £500 ($800, €570).

I am selling a decked Denali Llama,

john dot charles dot nelson at gmail dot com