Looking for a place to pack and ride. Need help with ideas

I Live in Ohio and am trying to plan a trip for some buddies and myself. We realize we will need to travel and are cool with that. We want to do a multi day paddle, camp, explore with our bikes. I have seen some trips to places like Utah and Alaska but wanted something unique, where we could pack all our stuff on the bikes do some riding then unpack the boats, throw the bikes in the rafts and paddle away. Give us some ideas on trips, bikes, boats etc.

I grew up in Ohio; don’t overlook your backyard! It may not be Utah, but there are a lot more waterways in Ohio for sure. I’ve bikerafted the Licking, the Kokosing, Alum Creek and Clear Creek and they are all great fun. On future trips to Ohio I look forward to bikerafting the Little Miami, the Mohican, the Hocking and on and on…

Perusing over a map (which is half the fun of a bikeraft trip) you could probably come up with a trip that involves linkups of multiple rivers and creeks rather than just floating and biking one waterway. There are a lot of bikerafting adventures to be had in Ohio!

I live in Ohio also I have been WW kayaking and riding MTB for years , this year I got into bike packing and packrafting .I would like to find someone to travel with ,there are some great routes that I have done in the Monogehela Nat forest in Wv on bikepacking trips ,it would be easy to have them include packrafting ,and as Moab Matt had mentioned Mohican St Forest and river would make for a great Ohio bikerafting trip.email me if you are interested kylewingler@msn.com