Long Distance Backpacker/Packrafter?

Hello!! New to this forum, and have a few questions. I long distance backpack, and have my base weight below 15 lbs. I want to add a packrafting leg to my next hike. What packrafting gear would I need, without overloading my base weight?? Remember, I would still need to add food for the number of days I will be out. My second question is, has anyone packrafted the Rio Grande? Its listed as a National Wild Scenic River, and is it safe? I would like to run it from new Mexico to the mouth of the Gulf in Texas. I would appreciate any tips, advice, and suggestions. You can reply to this post, or contact me direcctly at: Redbug10@gmail.com. Also visit my General-purpose outdoor blog at: http://www.redbugoutdoors.blogspot.com. Thanks!!

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If you’re interested in the Rio Grande, you might check out Keith Bowden’s book, The Tecate Journals. He traveled the length of the river by bike, canoe, and raft.


Some of it may be out of date at this point, but it’s an enjoyable and informative read nonetheless.