Lockhart/Colorado/Ruster loop - Canyonlands, Utah

Illegal, illegal, illegal.

Don’t get me started. We specifically went out of our way beforehand to obtain any and all permits, talk to a ranger in person, carry maps, compass, gps, leave detailed plans, etc…

Here is a link to a .gpx file of the route. http://straightchuter.com/am-content/CandyHart.gpx Right click, save as, then read it back into a map program or GPS.

Two other notes:

  1. Stay hard left (south) at the end of Lockhart Canyon to avoid the horrendous Tamark overgrowth

  2. When ascending Indian Creek, you will need to detour into the turkshead to your right/south and follow it all the way around to the back end to pick up the trail. This is a 1 mile hike-a-bike detour to get around a 50’ cliff, but there is not other way. The map on the above posting does not show this, but the gpx file does.

Andrew…I’m planning a trip into the Maze and am thinking of using Indian Creek as a way to access the river. One of my big questions that perhaps you could answer: was there any potable water along Indian Creek?