Latest Yak with Cruiser Deck For Sale

I’m selling my Yak (I believe it would be called the 2014 model) with the longer stern. It doesn’t have the cargo fly, but does have a cruiser deck. It has no holes, no patches and is in great shape.

I bought a bigger boat so I don’t need this one anymore.

I never wanted to take off the cruiser deck (as in make it so the boat was completely open) so I fixed the zipper point so that it would not come off. I’ve never met anyone who wants to have the cruiser deck totally rolled up so this should not be an issue.

Comes with inflation bag and storage sack.


Email me if interested.


Is this unit still for sale???

boat still available

Sent an email but haven’t heard back yet. Is the boat still available?

i responded to your email but never heard back from you…hmmm.
boat is still available.


Is this still for sale? If so I am interested. Thanks

I am headed up to Alaska this fall and am interested in your pack raft. Sent you a PM!

Interested in the Yak. Let me know if it’s still available.

Hi everyone, I ended up not selling this boat for a few years, but I’m selling it now!

It hasn’t been used in three seasons, as I have been using the same model with a whitewater deck.

Can ship ASAP!

Boat is in great shape. The cruiser deck is fixed so that it does not fully unzip to stow, but does allow full entry via the standard velcro side.

Please email me at clinthelander at gmail . com