Klutina River

We made a fun solstice descent of the Klutina this weekend. Stage was 11.35 ft and discharge around 4,000 cfs.

The Klutina is similar in its upper reach to the Kenai, in that it drains a large glacial lake and has that beautiful teal color. The river picks up steam a few miles from the lake and continues to be fun for the next 20 plus miles. It is a class III with fun big holes throughout the run that keep you on your toes. The more intense water was between road mile 14 and the bridge. The best camp spots are downstream of road mile 14 as well. This is a great trip for intermediate boaters. Lots of fun wave trains and the big holes can be maneuvered around or taken head on for a little more fun. The river cuts through the glacial lake Ahtna deposits, forming valley walls that are several hundred feet tall and near vertical. Total river time is about 5 hours.

Access is via road and you have to pay a $10 day or $40 if you overnight fee to the Ahtna Corp. to cross their land. The fee box is on the road in. The road is 4x4 only. We literally ran our shuttle, choosing to drop gear, drive back down the road and then run back to the put in. An awesome day trip would be to bike the road to the put in and float back to the highway with your bike.