Jury's out...Explorer or Llama?

Paddled an old Voyager yesterday (THANKS Steve!)…but still am in a quandry to the upcoming purchase.

OK - if I want to paddle whitewater…and flat…and carry a multi day pack…and am 85kg and 6’3"…

Should i get a Explorer (plentry of width at the foot) or the Llama (better on whitewater?). What to do…what to do?

Online poll people…help me out!

Interestingly, I am going to buy 2…one of each…or both the same? Who knew packrafting (deciding what to buy) would be so hard!

Hi chrisp,

Please excuse my ignorance, but can you tell me what the Voyager is?..Solstice Voyager?

It was a Dory (pre Fjord Explorer) It belongs to Jules Watson.

You could always get 4 raft Chris!!


Llama. I’ve got two (old models), and they’ve been great, but I wish it was about 2 " shorter, so I didn’t slip off the seat. I’m 5’11, and 85ish kg, but my paddling partners are 5’4-5’7, and have never complained - possibly coz I’ve provided the boat??!


Ah, thanks Steve.

My experience is limited but for what it’s worth I’m 80-85 kegs and 5’11. I went with a Llama for multi day use and am happy with it.

I have been using the Llama and at 85 Kgs and 6’ 4’’ (195 cm) it fits me well.

We have used it on the Shoalhaven River and I took it on the plane to Western Australia so that we could use it on the rivers and in the gorges of Karijini National Park. It really allowed us to see some waterways that a boat could not have got to as you had to carry one in, the Alpacka was the way to go.

Thanks Duncan,

Can I ask, in that second photo, the paddlers legs are up and bent. The last thing holding me back from the Llama purchase, is the fear that the more pointy inside of the Llama (as opposed to the Explorer) will not be as nice for your foot comfort, especially with a pack included? Also, hope to take a small child in there as well (on flat water), so do you think there is room in teh Llama for that (up the front?)

Probably wont help your decision but might give some insight, space wise. 2010 model Llama.


I would normally have the pack tied on the front tubes but here Julie only had to go a short way so we didn’t worry about tying it on the front.

On the Shoalhaven trip I actually had an adult in the front to cross at one point and was able to ferry two large packs across the river by nesting them in the front. So I would have to say for me this is the right size, it is also a little lighter and smaller to carry and fit in the pack.

I can wear my shoes and still fit them comfortably between the bow tubes and brace by pushing against the front if needed, my legs being straight. At 6 foot 4 inches or 195 cm, it’s the ideal length for me. I measured from my feet to my back whilst sitting against a wall to determine the boat size required before ordering from Alpacka.