Johnson Pass

Just went “biking” up Johnson Pass (still a bit of snow on Anchorage side). Seems like the same melting snow and high water level affecting the six-mile festival could be making Bench and Center creeks up the Pass possibilities. Lower parts of Bench (along the trail) looked definitely do-able and from what I could tell PR3-4. Anybody ever hit this at high water? The places visible from the trail looked clean, but there’s plenty of water not visible and probably not easily scoutable (not many eddies either, looked pretty fast). Might be a semi-rare opportunity to hit something different yet close to town. Any info out there?

Lower Bench Creek is a nice, mellow run, nothing above class II. There are A LOT of river wide log jams & beaver-kill trees once the creek gets away from the trail, so expect a good bit of portaging.

Thanks Tim! That helps me make up my mind. Hate constant entry/exit!! Really looked sweet from the trail, but I figured something that small in a heavily forested area couldn’t be all good.