Input on a route

Thinking of doing a route after Mt Marathon race…

Start at South Lost Lake Trail, travel to lost lake, paddle across, hike to resurrection river (via Martin creek drainage) and float back to seward hwy walk back to car.

Any thoughts???

I was dissuaded from floating Martin Cr./Resurrection River to the EGR bridge by a guy who has alot of experience up that river hiking and hunting, etc… He says there’s too many snags and sweepers…and the remnants of a couple peoples aluminum boats who tried to float it. I told him about the packraft being more agile in the water but he wasn’t convinced anyone should do it. He said a better put-in would be the second footbridge as you hike in on the trail. He described it as the point on the trail where it separates from the river. Haven’t had a chance to scout it myself, but I trust his word…although I plan to scout it out anyway- I’m stubborn like that. As for the river below the bridge, I’m pretty sure its doable, but its really braided and fast with shallow parts and all kinds of snags to dodge.

You should do this trip though. Its beautiful country and you will get some floating in. How much I just don’t know.