Inflatable Boat/Raft Sealant

I just found this product which is quoted as sealing inflatable boats and rafts that suffer from anything from pinhole (hard to find) leaks, right up to an eight inch seam leak!

“Using this process, we have seen an eight inch seam leak sealed in three tries. The leak was eight inches long when the Sealant was first applied. On the second treatment it was about three inches long. The third try sealed it completely. Although it took some effort and some patience, it saved the boat.”

It seals from the inside, and is extremely easy to apply as its a liquid that is simply poured into the hull via the valve. I hope it helps save your Packraft, and it should work on seats too!

It sounds like the stuff you put in Car tyres to prevent punctures.

I agree that it sounds like this, but, even though they’ve been available for “years”, who has ever used one…???

What’s the limiting issue here - is it that we don’t believe that they actually work, or is it the weight of the kit, bad marketing,
or something else. I know that I’ve never used one, but I’m really not sure why not!


Interesting stuff! I am glad you found it! I thought it was a little confusing when they talk about the 8 inch seam leak. It isn’t an open tear, it is a seam that is leaking along it’s edges for 8 inches. That is very different than an open tear. I can see where this might have some merrit for some of the older teal blue with yellow tape boats that have leaks where the floor meets the tube on the inside of the raft. I have seen some strange leaks in the bow and stern in some of those boats. This stuff just might be an answer. i am going to get some and play with it and let you know what I find.

I wonder if it can be put into a very small container as part of a patch kit.
Cheers, Sheri