[In Negotiations] 2010 Yak and Sawyer paddle for sale

Good day all. Looking to move a 2010 yukon yak purchased around Jan… red color, decked, no punctures, used about a dozen times so some light wear on the bottom. Sawyer paddle for sale as well… some scratches but no breaks. ~ $1250 new, looking for 850 for the whole sha-bang-a-bang. Also would be interested in possibly trading for a rigged explorer. Currently on the East Coast but moving to Scotland in Jan. so available for sale in either US or UK.

I am curious if you are interested in selling the paddle separately. I am not in the market for another boat, but could use an extra paddle.



I would rather sell as a whole. I don’t wanna get stuck with only a raft or only a paddle. Sorry - ian

Sorry to be so stubborn, but just in case: For what prize would you let go of the boat only (no paddle needed).

Ok, I yield… 700 for the boat 150 for the paddle (shipping included).

did you sale the paddle, i would be interested in…

pm sent