If anyone is bored...

Given how quiet things have been on the forum I thought some of you might appreciate a link to a video I finished making last night - another ultra low trip down the Lea River in NW Tasmania. Waiting on more water down here before heading out again and to South Island NZ.



Great video Mark, thanks for sharing, looks like a fun weekend. Great photography and a very professional looking video.

Great vid Mark. What are you folks using as butt protection?

:slight_smile: More butt protection would be good in that we often seem to end up on low volume trips like this one. We simply use thermarest seats or 3/4 thermarest lite mats - nothing fancy. Have to admit we have blown the internal seams on two of these due to overheating in the sun. Would prefer something thicker like a Feathercraft seat with kayak backband. We rarely paddle without additional support for our butts and heels/ankles. Sorry cant help you with adhesive supplier in NSW.

Well played as always mate!

Thanks for posting, cheers.

Sweet work Mark, great vid as always, what camera are you using?


Howdy Steve. No doubt I am in one of your favourite places at present - South Island NZ. :slight_smile: Just got off the Clarence River which we loved. Will post a video TR eventually. 95% of the time I use shots from a Canon XA-10 camcorder complimented with a GoPro3 but on last video (overnight on Lea) the best shots (macro & walk-in shots) were taken on a 5D-MkIII I think AND were taken by renowned professional wilderness photographer Wolfgang Glowacki who is getting into filming (& packrafting) more and more. I am trying hard to learn better technique and to not just use my video camera in auto but will never get to Wolfgang’s standard.

See you in Tassie sometime - we should organise a PR get together down there one day.

More than a bit jelly of you paddling NZ whilst I’m working my butt off over summer, at least I can live vicariously through your vids till I can get back out I will be in Tassie in a few weeks , walking without a raft!! doing the SCT. Your vids are simply awesome, not sure I would want to lug a camera worth those $ down a river, I am simply to rough and clumsy, do you have it in a housing? I figured there must have been a bunch of cameras as you seem to get each drop form 3 angles.

Damn right we should organise a PR get together in Tassie, my hand is up. Enjoy NZ!


Hi Mark,

I’ve just started packrafting and am based in Harihari, South Westland (70km south of Hokitika). If you folks end up this way, you’re welcome to a spare room. There’s a great river 5km up the road (Wanganui) which even makes a fantastic day trip. Feel free to email me if you’re coming down this way, would be awesome to meet some other packrafters, we’re a bit thin on the ground in NZ! dulkara.martig@gmail.com - also, any others reading this post, feel free to get in touch if you’re coming down to the South Island!