Has anyone ever been to Iceland? I told my Dad and Brother to toss around the idea about going on a trip to Iceland in the summer of 2009, in Alpacka’s , of course. I was wondering if any of you know anything about the place and the feasability of boating/hiking/logistics of it all? Any and all info is appriciated… thanks , Glenn :smiley:

I have been to Iceland during the late 70’s. I mainly backpacked and off road treking. It would be a packrafting paradise! I had to cross many fiords and streams, that would have been a sinch with a packraft. If you like to walk on tundra and a moon landscape filled with many rivers and fast flowing water, then Iceland is the place to go. If you go in the summer, be prepared to have the sun around the clock. It does allow for a lot of play time. I flew on Icelandair out of Chicago. Icelandair can fly in blizzards! Weather extremes are normal. Plan on wind and Ice. As for gear and food, if you don’t bring it with you, you will do without! There are no stores for food, once you leave the capital. Unless you want to subsist on dryed fish!
I have a new packraft. I am thinking about a trip back to Iceland. I am sure there are some changes, but it is so remote, that I do expect the outback to be the same. It is a Salmon fishing paradise if one can afford the license.
Hope this has been some help. You may contact me for more info. :slight_smile:

I am planning a trip up to Greenland (Iceland’s icier big sister) in the next few years. I’ve got a little route sketched out going ~400 miles down the SW coast (I’m looking at roughly 30-40 days for it), from Kangerlussuaq to Nuuk (the capital city). It’ll be mostly off-trail trekking, with a fair bit of packrafting down some of the rivers & across the fjords. Should be pretty cool.

But it won’t be for a few years yet. No partners yet, but I’m looking for someone who’s up for it. Ever since having 2 young kids at home, my wife really wants me to do fewer solo trips (it’d odd she wasn’t as concerned before :neutral_face:), and I oblige when I can. But as you might imagine, finding committed partners can be tough for big trips (more often than not, partners drop out during the planning process).

Anyhoo, just a thought. I’d love to hear about your experiences in Iceland in '09! Summer '09 I’ll be off the coast of British Columbia. We’ll have to swap tall tales when we return. :wink:

Have a good one,

  • Mike