Ice skating with packraft assistance

One more use for your packraft: Crossing open water channels while ice skating on frozen rivers. I used one to cross the channel on the matanuska this winter while skating from Sutton to Palmer. The tricky part is the getting in and out, it helps to have something to anchor to the ice like a screw or axe.

Interesting…did you take your skates off when getting in the raft? How many channels did you have to cross from Sutton to Palmer? What time of the year did you do this?

I had nordic skates which the blades clip off the boot, there were 2 channels to cross and I did it in february of this year. You could actually skate all the way from king river to the salt water at that point, though the only water crossings were between sutton and palmer.

What are some accessories for ice skating/figure skating? I ice skate, but not on a team, im getting new ice skates, what are some other stuff i could buy. The 2 ice skating arenas i go to open in November. and one of them is outside and the other is inside, the outside one is for figure skating the inside one is for hockey, its really huge, i love the outside one more. any tips ?

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