Hope to Homer, kinda, well not really actually just Kenai.

Dylan and I used fat tire bikes to try the Hope to Homer coast route, it was great and we made it to Kenai but had to get cut it short due to other obligations back in town.
We biked gull rock, then floated around gull rock to Burnt Island leaving on a high tide in Turnagin arm. It was no problem although the currents were a bit strange, there were some decent eddies along the coast that we were fighting. From burnt island we picked up the pipeline access trail and went inland, but then went too far and eventually bushwacked back to the mudflats, then crossed Chickaloon bay. Its everything you’d expect… although we made it a bit harder than it needed to be. And FYI - the quicksand thing is real.

From Pt Posesstion its great riding on the beach with the big tires, we stopped in Kenai and met some friends who gave us a ride back to the hope cutoff.
a great couple of days!

AWESOME! Now your hellbiking…

Psyched to see the pics - can’t wait to see how the lifetime of beach biking unfolds :smiley: