homer to seldovia trip report

this is a follow up to my question about the Fox River flats. We took four days to bike and raft from Homer to Seldovia. The Fox delta area is indeed muddy, but there’s a hard-packed atv road where the bluffs meet the beach. The Russians use this to check on the horses and cows. Portaging the Fox and Sheep Creek was easy, and the wettest bog slog was from the east bank of sheep creek to the road at the Bradley lake power plant. nice roads in that area led to great beach riding. Paddled across Bear Cove and rode toward the Grewingk glacier trails. We rode sweet late night hiking trails and rode a tram that needs lots of grease. Paddled across Halibut Cove, then pushed the bikes over the Poot Peak area trails to the Wosnesenski river. We floated the early section, then pulled out due to increasing numbers of cottonwood sweepers and the presence of an awesome, maintained trail in the woods next to the river. camped where the Wos meets the ocean, and the next morning woke up early to get the high tide and paddled to MacDonald spit. from there we got onto Jakolof bay road and cruised into downtown Seldovia.

we saw an orca, a coyote, a harbor porpoise, river otters, sea otters, seals, black bears, a beaver, a salmon and sea lions. add the grizzly bear and moose on the side of the seward highway, and that’s pretty much the gamut. it’s like the Anchorage coastal trail, but bigger.


Dylan and Bjorn missed us because we were out of town, but barring that we’d love to meet anyone heading through Seldovia… Free food and a place to stay can be thought of as an added bonus for this route. :slight_smile: