Help selecting a raft

I want to buy one during the sale. At first I was going to buy the Fjord Explorer, but now I’m not sure. I’ll be mountain biking to remote lakes. Raft will be used strictly on flat water small lakes for fishing. I’ll be in the boat for about 2 hours at a time. The Llama is lot lighter and weight is certainly a consideration. Is adding an elevated seat to the Llama to make it more comfortable a feasible thing to to? Or would I just slide around paddling like that?

Any thoughts appreciated.

I would go for the Fjord Explorer - due to its symetric hull (change position on the lake, center the position etc).

As long as you not going to mount the bike on the boat you could consider the Scout too. Symetric as well, a lot lighter and good for lake/calm water paddling.

I am sure Alpacka can add any seat you want. The scout has none as standard, I am sure it will fit an elevated seat too. S

Thanks, I hadn’t considered the symmetrical aspect.

I’ll see if Alpacka can add a raised seat to the Scout – or if Alpacka is reading this, please post for all to see.

Hi canunkjgc,

I know Sheri’s reluctant to actually install a seat in a Scout, but you can get an explorer seat separately and use it like a seat pad in the boat, loose. For the applications the Scout is designed for, having the seat hard-installed isn’t really necessary.

Sorry for the delay posting; been running all over the country + rewriting the website lately :open_mouth: