Hart Lake and River in Grand Tetons

Does anyone know if the park service will let you paddle across Hart Lake and down the Hart River to join the Snake River back to the road between Teton and Yellowstone Nat’l parks?

That would potentially be one sweet trip with a few miles hike in, a few hot springs, a few miles of lake to cross and a small river before dumping into the mighty Snake River.

Anyone done it that can tell if it is “A Go”?

The short answer is “nothing doing”. Yellowstone does not allow boat travel on any river within their boundaries (and Grand Teton only allows it on the Snake). That doesn’t mean that it has never been done, but don’t go asking for a permit. BTW, there is lots of great packrafting in this area that is perfectly legal.

Are you a packrafter, Theresa? What are a couple of uniquely packraft runs you might suggest?

There is a bunch of great packrafting in this area that is legal. The Buffalo Fork of the Snake has great and Pacific Creek are two of my favorites. The water is usually good from the beginning of July until mid August (sometimes later). The window on Pacific creek is shorter than the Buffalo. If you are willing to go farther afield there are lots more possibilities. (I am a packrafter, there are a bunch of us in the Jackson Hole area)

I will be driving from Alaska to Grand Junction, CO in early March, Teresa. If we route the trip through Jackson Hole how could I connect with some of you local packrafters to talk about the summer fun to come?

I would be happy to meet up with you for some beers and map talk. We will still be deep in winter in early March, so getting here may be out of your way; but if you are a skier it may be worth it. I am hoping to get out the packrafts in early March to do a raft/ski in the Snake River Canyon.