Group Paddle - Shoalhaven 18th March.

mmm…you could be on the money Gus…

Fingers crossed on the level ! Look forward to meeting you all Sunday.

Whats the upper cut-off level for you fellas? I looked at the 1.3m YouTube video…being an old kayaker but a new packrafter, at 1.3m, I think I would be far happier in the kayak! Isnt Hillview at 1.83m today? The section above Oallen Ford I have canoed with kids over two days…Grade 1/2…but nice nonetheless. What teh backups being tossed around?

what about Jinglemoney to Bombay crossing as a plan b ? (is this the bit you’re talking about Chris ?) … PS , it’s Mick and I might be coming to !

Hey Chris, I think at this stage with the rain forecast the level will be too high to suit the group dynamic. I’d like to run it at 1.3 but that’s for another day. I have run it at 1m and I think most would portage too much to make it worthwhile. I’m happy to leave it until a later date.

Gus and I are keen to try out the upper Nepean from Pheasants nest. (I need to re read the setup though) Kangaroo may be an option, although it needs rain and is always hard to plan for. The section above Oallen Ford could be an option but I think the core bunch is looking to run some bigger water (safely) or at least slightly more technical.

I think we’ll have to make a decision by late tomorrow maybe? Good to hear your thoughts Chris, thanks.



More than happy to pull out if it blows the dynamic, you guys initiated this I was just looking to tag along for the experience.


It’s not a problem Mick, stick with it. Let’s home in on a run and then make the call.

I should say though, and I think everyone understands, that we are all paddling at our own risk. There is plenty of info available on the sections so as long as everybody paddles at, or under their ability level based on experience then we’ll be right. Just gotta put it out there. :slight_smile:

Good section of the Goodradigbee at the right level now (Brindabella to MacDonalds Flat). But its an hour west of Canberra; definite 4WD access to one end…and that was before all the rain; so who knows what it looks like now!)…and only probably 2 hours on water at Grade 2-3.

I had a nice paddle on Thredbo this weekend…but it is dropping fast. Goobragandra is nice too at the moment…but that’s a really long way for youse dudes.

If we all had 7 days free…I would vote for Sewells Point to Tallowa Dam.

I’m going to sneak Sewells to the dam in soon but I’ll be going fast and light baby. 79klm…2-3 days…Well that’s the plan anyway.

Wots the go with the Cotter Chris?

Well my lovely wife has come down with a dose of Hooping Cough so I am now out for this weekend regardless of the level as she needs some looking after :frowning:. Having said that I am with Chris re reservations about padling it at 1.3 as I would call it for the top of my skill set re grade rapids at that level. The top up rain predicted would push it beyond my abilities and I would not be comfortable paddling it. I would be keen for a reschedual but that is pure self intrest (and having just purchased a new bike I am going to use my time wisely…).


I hope the missus recovers quickly steve. We’ll try again for the Shoalie when things are at reasonable level.

Whats everyone thinking?

S’pose no one wants to do Tuross again? I"ve never done it>

mmm the levels for the Tuross are pretty much perfect, may be some issue with the access road (via Belowra). You will have to contact Belowra Farm (out point) to book your car in as they don’t like drop ins. The in point is Wiola Ck (sp??). Ther is access to the in point from Cooma end also. You are making it hard for me…

I’d be up for the Tuross. For purely selfish reasons :slight_smile:

Steve - maybe lets leave it then - and you had better go teach your new bike a few lessons about who’s in charge !!

What bike did you get? And where are ya gonna ride it? Better bring it to Canberra next time!!

PS…been thinking about the Goodradigbee. Going through the rapids in my head; I reckon the bottom section (McDonalds Flat to Flea Creek) would be a goer for you; looking at a starting level of 1.0 - 1.2m…nothing higher I dont reckon for your first run down.

Just not sure how the track down to the put in/take out is at the moment. I will let you know when I get out there next…its only an hour for me to get to the top of the road…and turn back cause its closed or daaaaangerous.

Keep an eye on the level… (Goodradigbee at Wee Jasper)

Thanks Gus and Darren for trying to get a trip together, hope you guys get a paddle in somewhere. Maybe next time round I will be less of a liability and point well taken on ‘risk acceptance’, the last thing anyone needs on their weekend is body recovery !

Tuross would be excellent at those levels as Steve indicates , G’hopper I’d be into it but know the Getz won’t make it up the road !

enjoy whatever you get up to !

Hey Mick, that wasn’t directed at you mate and we are all in the same boat (pardon the pun). Somebody mentioned the idea of risk management etc so I threw it up as a verbal disclaimer. :slight_smile:

I’ll paddle anything with anyone and I am probably the biggest liability in any group situation. :slight_smile: The Shoalie will still happen and no doubt we’ll see you when it does. Depending on where we paddle I might see you on Sunday?

Now where’s Gus???

No worries Darren, I’m new to forums so maybe I have a bit to learn about tone, wasn’t taken personally … Did a fair bit of mountaineering so know when ambition and ability aren’t in sink it can get messy (literally!)… but can also be great fun !

I’m home alone this weekend so would love a paddle but don’t cater around me, as I might head off for a walk in the Snowys . I’m sure it will happen one day, seems like we are all keen !!

Mbatch I’d offer my chariot for the Tuross but I figure the Golf won’t fare any better than the Getz ! Well I’m still up for anything on Sunday that doesn’t require too much skill…

Hi All,
With the shoalhaven currently at 1.67 and rain expected over the next couple of days I think think we’ll re-shedule it.

I’m still keen for a paddle though but my My preference is a day trip within 2-3 hours of Sydney. At this stage I’m leaning toward the nepean, pheasants nest to Maldon bridge (11km) or pheasants nest to Douglas park (21km’s), I’ve heard the minimum is around 0.8 as they apparently changed the the gauge in the last few years, it’s now 0.77, with more rain expected. According to the canoe guide the river is grade 2-3 and suitable for experienced paddlers and competent novices, with 3 recommended portages. I have no experience On this section of river. Depending how much rain I think Darren and i will do the trip on sunday morning. I don’t have any objection to others coming and would be good to meet, but please make sure yo make a reasonable assessment of your own abilities and understand if you decide to attend you do
So at your own risk.

This is a link to a kayak video of the section i found on you tube to give you an idea, I believe the gauge has changed since then.

Please reply or email me at if you are interested, Plans could change depending on weather and rainfall.