Group paddle next weekend? - + the Vid

Hi folks, an open invitation to join a group of us that are going to do an overnight paddle on the upper Tuross river next weekend. We are doing the top white water section which is mainly gr2 and some easy gr3 . Looks like this weeks predicted rainfall will push the level up a little so it should be fun. Over night camping on the river. If you are intrested in joining in let me know on here of via email and I can fill you in on the details, more the merrier, a good chance to meet other packrafters, see a beautiful wild river and develop some white water skills on a pretty easy but action packed fun piece of water.


Sorry I can’t make it Steve. Sounds like a great spot for a paddle too.


Next time Darren,

River is at 1.2, perfect height for paddling. We have 4 starters, will shoot some video and post it on return.


The vid link, had a fun outing.


Aghhh awesome Steve, cool vid!!!

Loved the backflip, or was it a Yakflip?

I really need to re-evaluate my gear by the looks of the setups you guys had. Nice and light wins the fight.


Darren, I do a good backflip (shame it was the one time I was not holding the camera), I had taken my pack off to re-shoot the rapid for the video and was a little unacustomed to the lack of weight up front…Duffer act.

We usually go a lot lighter but took some ‘extra’ gear as we did not have to walk in or out. I love the ultra light gear and have got my kit about as light as I can, just need to reduce it off the mid belly section a bit more now.