Granite Creek Sweeper

On 7-12-10 while packrafting the Granite Creek I got caught under a sweeper right at the Bertha Camp ground. (Right behind the crapper) I lost my paddle and a video camera attached to it. If anyone happens to be down stream of there and comes across them, please call 252 2847. I’d really like to see that video footage.
I’d recommend checking out the sweeper before putting in upstream of the campground.

Granite Creek on the Kenai at Turnagain Pass from Lyon Creek to Highway and then below to E Fork Six Mile is a good beginner/intermediate run.

Did it yesterday with a bunch of APU students and it was great practice and they loved it. Lots of sweepers (we likely portaged about a half dozen times) but the volume and flow are forgiving and it’s great practice. I’d say an intermediate boater leading people who are in a packraft for the third or fourth time would be good.

It was about a four hour paddle and the Six Mile Gauge was reading about 10.1.