Gore Immersion needed!

Hey you all,
I have a side project that requires some Gore-tex immersion, or similar fabric.
So if anyone has an old pair of waders, dry pants, dry suit, or what ever that are shot and you’d want to donate them let me know.

I dont really expect anyone to reply to this but thought I’d ask anyway.

Hey CST, don’t be so negative and despondent!

All fly fishermen have old pairs of breathable waders sitting around unused - kept as rather useless “spares”, as they generally leak, which is why they’ve been replaced, and they never get used as anything - they just get kept because they were “expensive” . Leakage is generally either through seams of prickle holes, so if you just need a mostly waterproof fabric, there’d be a lot lying around. I have an old pair of waders like this, which leak fairly slowly , but really piss me off after an hour’s fishing, which is why they’ve been replaced - they leak because the fabric has delaminated in one spot near the crutch - the rest of the fabric is fine. Unfortunately they’re not of use to you, as I’m going to cut them up, and redesign them as a pair of overpants, for which they’ll be perfect, however from all those who don’t sew, I’m sure you’d be able to pick up a pair of leaky waders very easily, if that’s what you want. I suggest you either approach a fishing guide, or go on one of the fly fishing web forums. Remember that varying uses of waterproof fabrics require varying degrees of waterproofness - Sheri suggested once in a response that I look at “Craig’s list” for old thermarest valve parts - we unfortunately don’t have this in Oz, but this might be another option for you for old goretex.
Andrew Allan