Gnu Rowing Frame Pics?

Does anybody out there have any pictures of the Gnu rowing frame? Apparently, it’s a little different than the one for the Fjord Explorer (more burly for whitewater, higher oar locks). There doesn’t seem to be a product page on Alpacka’s site for it yet.

Also, any comments on the Gnu rowframe/Gnu combo from anyone who’s rowed it on class I-III?

I’m thinking this would be the perfect setup for a full Noatak River float. I.E. 28 days of food with multiple bear cans, light and packable for just one bush plane to the put in, tracks and rows faster than a Llama, it’s dead sexy, etc.

Twould be much appreciated.


Great question. I spoke with the folks from Alpacka about the white water row frame and was told it is still in design phase, but should be ready in the next few weeks. Would love to know more about it as well as I didn’t get much info other than it would be “beefed up” and so far the folks who are designing and testing it absolutely love it. That’s all I know. Hope to learn more as well.



Thanks Dave. Just got a similar response from Nancy, so, we’ll just have to wait a bit. Super psyched on the potential for this rig for those long, remote trips!


I paddled with Ben from Alpacka on Westwater Canyon this spring. He was in a Gnu with an early prototype of the row frame.

Pics here:

It was really impressive to see what that boat could do at the hands of a skilled oarsman. Ben ran the meat line at every rapid and only got knocked over by the pulsing lateral in Sock it to Me.

Please keep in mind that the pics above were taken in March, 4 months ago, and as such I’m sure that many, many, many more iterations of the row frame have happened since then. Production frame might not look much like the one pictured above.



Nice. Thanks, Mike!

interesting about the WW rowing frame.
I sent Alpacka an email a couple of weeks ago asking about a beefier option for the fjord explorer oar frame that could be used in rivers with light ww and they told me that “Nancy wants to keep the rowframe as light as possible”. There was never any mention of this option at all. The oar frame is pretty weak on the FE, it creaks all the time under normal load rowing in a calm lake and the oar blades are held on with 2 rivets. If nothing else, a heavier, wider oar should be an option for the non ultralight crowd that could be purchased separately. maybe I’ll just make my own.