Germany and Austria

I just got back from a trip to Munich Germany. I have some friends living there and one of my friends had a week off so I brought the Packrafts. We paddled several sections of the Isar, which flows through Munich, and one small section of the Loisach in Austria. Everything we paddled was class III or less, mostly less. While I was there it rained a lot. So the water was fairly high most of the time we were on it. The area I was in from Munich down to the Austrian Alps seemed like an excellent place for Packrafts. There are many rivers and an excellent train system. We would just pick a town with a train station and a river, then look down stream for another town with a train station. We did a few day trips like this and one overnight. The only down side to German Packrafting was the dams. From my limited experience here, the dams were marked with signs ahead of time and pretty easy to portage. We portaged more of them than we probably needed to. I would say that most of them were probably runable, especially with the high water we had. These dams were small, river shaping things rather than big lake making types. We only came across three lake making dams. Since this is Germany there were a lot of small towns along the river, perfect for a lunch break at a beer garden. If you are planning a trip to Europe, I would suggest you bring your raft.

Here is a link to my friend’s blog were he posted a description and pictures of our Isar river rafting.

Cool trip. :slight_smile: I was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen about 20 years ago, took my first raft trip on a river(no idea of the name) just over the border in Austria. The good old days, warm beer, cold wars. :unamused: It would be alot of fun to packraft/train-hop/hike around Europe, maybe a beer hall or two, maybe…he he he he… Thanks for posting!