FS: Sawyer/Alpacka Cedar Surge II Packraft Paddle $80

Sawyer/Alpacka Cedar Surge II Packraft Paddle, 5-Piece, Extendable Length

This paddle is used but in serviceable condition. The blades are scuffed up but not broken or cracked - see photos for more details.

The main reason for discounted price it that I broke a blade, and Alpacka sent me a new one. Unfortunately the push button that clicks the paddle blade in had a slightly different location than my old one, and I had to drill a new hole to accommodate the push button. The only effect this has is that the newer blade only fits on one end of the paddle. I’ve used duct tape to mark which goes to which. I suppose you could drill a new hole on the other end of the handle so either blade would fit in either end, but it didn’t seem like a big deal to me.

While I love it’s light weight and the extendable length for using as a mid-style tent pole, I ended up getting a more whitewater-oriented Aqua Bound paddle for the rocky low water rivers I usually do.

Asking $80 + $15 shipping to the lower 48 and Alaska. Payment through PayPal or Venmo.

Retails for $335. A full description of the paddle can be found Alpacka Raft | Passionate about Packrafting in all its Forms