FS: Denali Llama with paddle, like new condition


The raft is in excellent condition. Actually…like new. Only put on some lakes, so the floor is still black and shiny without any scratches and I can’t find any scuff marks on the boat!

Technically this is an older version fjord explorer, though the current version fjord explorer is an extra long exterior raft with extended stern and bow, so this is really more like a denali llama (same interior length). Though, its better since it has extra tiedowns just in case you wanted to add a rowing frame. It comes with a seven2 vapor 210 packrafting paddle (better than the aquabound models…though its no longer made). It also comes with the inflation sack, and an extra seat.

A denali llama is $895, and the seven2 vapor was $220 new, plus $25 for the extra seat, plus $40 shipping from alpacka is a total of $1180.

I would sell this package to you, with free shipping, for $835. UPDATE: $795
Actually, if you only want the packraft and not the paddle, then subtract $140, so $655.

Let me know if interested! If you do have any questions for me, just PM me. (or better, email me at dangoggins gmail com)

UPDATE: price drop on the packraft…plus you can now buy just the packraft if you don’t want the paddle.

Now also comes with a free 2017 Alpacka calendar!

Hey man, the boat looks sweet! Do you have any idea approx. what length it is? I’d be interested in buyin both the paddle and the boat.

If you are asking about interior length…its 52", the same as a denali llama.

Whats the price now?
Can you ship to Sweden?


Update: Price drop!

Amazing deal. I’m sending this to all my buds who are thinking about getting a packraft.

Very interested in buying this if it still available.