FS 2009 Denali Llama with spray skirt

I have 2 blue Denali Llama rafts… both with spray skirts. Looking to upgrade to the newer style on one of them to help with my gravity challanged body. Both have been used for 1 trip last year down the south fork of the flathead in Montana. Both in great condition. I purchased them both at the same time new but one was a factory blem with a patched small pinhole. No problems with it. I could do $820 shipped for the non patched boat and $770 shipped on the other. I’m only looking to sell one of the 2. Cheers

Im in missoula and interested in the patched one. How much for a local pick up?

I’m in Minnesota but will be traveling to Coeur d’ Alene next weekend… Probably coming through Missoula sometime Saturday the 30th… I’ll knock $20 for the shipping

Are the rafts still for sale? Do either of them come with a paddle? Will you send me a picture or two?

ebernhoft at hotmail

Sorry… apparently I’m not getting email notifications on this listing. Rafts are still available… They don’t come with Paddles although I could make you a deal on a Aqua Bound Manta… Just ordered another one but accidently ordered the 2 piece instead of the 4 piece… Just less backpacker friendly.

The Patch was done at Alpacka so is the same as any other joint on the raft. The Raft comes with stuff sack, inflation sack, stock seat…

would you please contact me directly at: ebernhoft at hotmail dot com