Fox Island

Paddled around Fox Island the other day, took about 3 hrs more or less, started from the Fox Island Lodge and headed south. The south side of the island is quite nice, lots of key holes and sea cliffs. Saw some puffins and a few eagles, no sea mamals, sounds like they have all moved into the fjords. The wiki map says its about 15km, but it didnt feel like it, good easy paddle and beautiful open ocean views. Going to explore around the islands further south next weekend and then who knows, aloha.

Here is the route I took;;-1493676393;598960438;254488;328202;80252;304978;42916;127834;7725;95127;0;75759;19741;42186;68665;26690;193978;9471;262642;0;296116;7749;288391;21524;280667;34008;293541;45199;319290;61125;347615;80063;389672;112772;410271;154084;457478;224646;453186;299064;491810;354544;513268;376045;559616;391095;612831;413454;605107;430652;583649;431512;565625;419044;420571;477083;330448;485680;232601;482241;151062;454728;129605;423773;145054;391525;186253;377335;226593;352823;248051;335191