Fjord Explorer or Double Duck?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Argentina/Chile in February. Most of our packrafting will be in flat water or calm to class II water.

Our thinking currently is that the DD will provide more length for us but perhaps less suited for whitewater in future adventures. Our concern with the Fjord Explorer is the interior space on multi-day, 2 person trips. We do like the oar frame on the FE though…

I envision us paddling it like a tandem kayak (both facing forward) or me kneeling up front fishing while she paddles from the rear.

Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!

-John Jewett

There is a utube video somewhere of a man and woman on the fjord explorer with packs paddling like you mentioned. It may have been Roman Dial, I am not sure, hopefully someone here can give you the link.

here is one:

What model boat is this??

Thats the one. It was uploaded by Roman Dial. I hope he responds to this thread. I think its a Fjord Explorer. Also there is a utube video called “packrafting the Canyonlands”, check that out too.

That was a custom boat.

I will measure its dimensions, but on that Canyonlands trip there was another couple, Forrest and Amy, I recall, who were in the Explorer. Inside the boat, it’s quite narrow in the bow and stern.

The boat we used is much more rounded inside. The idea was to make a boat big enough for both of us.

It worked quite well in waters less than Class II+ with both of us – lots of backpaddling to keep the water out.