Fjord Explorer in Europe


I sell my Fjord Explorer, which is a cedar green, 2011 model. I’ve never used the boat (long-distance running consumes all of my free time), just inflated it once after delivery. I store it in a dry closet.
It will be shipped as it was received, brand new, from Alpacka: with the 2011 black spray deck, oars and oarframe, removable seat and elevated seat, skeg, repair kit, and inflation bag. Plus: an extra skeg, extra inflation bag, extra valve, and 2 unglued loops.
The price is 1200 euros (customs and taxes costs included), shipping cost not included. The additional customs and taxes costs due to a purchase from a non-EU country probably won’t make it attractive to Americans.

Greetings from sunny Greece,

Just to add to my first post, I’m open to offers and better prices! Also, I can send photos, of course.
Danis (daniskiziridis{at}gmail{dot}com)