First time with a Alpacka !

Thanks to Sven/Esben i had my virgin voyage in a Alpacka today :smiley:
No rafting , just open water!
He and his girlfriend passed Stockholm/Sweden on their back home to Germany after a holiday in Norway.
They where meeting up with some friends over here and was kind enough to invite me for a test run at a local beach!

Sven in his Dory and me in his Llama, as you see the Llama was a bit long for me :smiley:

All of sudden out on the open water he went evil on me , but i flipped him easily with my paddle :smiling_imp:

But Esben might have a different story why he is swimming !!

Many thanks to Sven, his girlfriend, Frank and their friends !
For taking the time and effort to show me their Alpacka’s.
I had a great time!

I’m so looking forward to my own Alpacka, i cross my fingers and hope i get it before my tripp to Thailanad!

Yes you can Moski: Run whitewater in Stockholm :slight_smile:
A short, but fun setion though:

Wow Guys , you did it :smiley:
That is so cool !

That’s right in the center of Stockholm, the building in the background is the Swedish government :sunglasses:
Did you get a huge crowd, giving you load applauds, causing traffic jams and etc ?
Nah, this is Sweden, people behaved, just passed continued with there business :wink:

Where did you enter the water, from the small island in front of the government ?

I am so glad you posted this!
Do you have more pics ?
Can you send me the orginal ones ?

Yes, a truely royal section. I am glad the king let us pass.

We put in maybe 500 m upstream on the left side, passed some red dotted lines spanning the water next to the castle and got of on the right side 500 m after.

It is a good playground! Will send you more pics later.

Have fun!


Aha, so you claimed you passed the king and the Castle.
So you must have been in the other stream, then the one i first thought it was.
Or in both maybe :astonished:
Did he come out and wave to you guys ?
That’s what we pay him for,you know.
Waving at people.
If he didn’t i’m afraid we have to cut down his Appanage :smiling_imp:

You didn’t got hit by any tsunamis ?
Because , they are blowing a tunnel under there somewhere.

Guess What ?

I got my one :smiley: