First thing to do with a packraft?

Just got my conformation of shipping. So when my packraft gets here what should I do first? Tests/Trial run? What did you guys/gals do? No rivers here, just lakes and ocean. Can you roll without thigh straps (worth a try)?

Nathan, aka the running guy.

A big Congrats Nathan!!

First things first - you can’t roll without thigh straps or something else to keep you attached to the boat (you could also use braces).

As for what to do. I would recommend blowing it up and sitting in it while watching TV, lounging around, giving it the odd hug and caress. After that I would head out to those lakes and then to the sea. I am a massive fan of beach packrafting, as around here at least (Sydney), the water stays warm long into winter, rocks aren’t too much of an issue and pushing through solid waves is excellent training.


I had mine delivered to work. Blew her up in the office and sat there with a cordless key board squinting into the distance at the screen, then deflated inflatey katie took her to the harbour and paddled home.

Good mate was sweating on his raft arriving for a trip this weekend. No show. He got a call of a family tradgedy:(.

The the postman shows up with the boat. Last I spoke to him he was paddling the loungue room floor drinking beer.

First thing… I couldn’t stop grinning!