Felt Soul Media do Packrafts

The latest issue (15) of www.thisisfly.com has an article on the Felt Soul Media boys - who look to be doing a trip via packraft. Click on the link and have a gander !

Nice pair of blue Explorers they have there, and I just love it that the guy took a ‘Bigfoot’ costume to Russia!

Not explorers, dories. It’s the old-style rowing frame, like I have.
I haven’t tried the new fjord-explorer-style rowing frame, and that looks a lot better for most purposes.
But I wonder whether the old dory-style frame will still have some advantage for certain bulky loads.
I used it to lash a bike on, and these guys seem to have used it to attach their gear, too.

Yep, I know that the model is the Dory, I have one!

I described it as an Explorer as that’s what the model is currently known as.

Glad to hear you’re a fellow Dory-owner!

I sure love mine. It’s a mud-brown mule. Hauls stuff, works all day, and never complains.

Many Thanks for the Link never seen that one before.

Nice design on that site!

FYI - the dory article starts on page 97.

Yes, the design on this is fly is excellent. Best presentation of the web page I have seen in a web-mag as well. Most others are a little clunky, but this is fly is very smooth.

You mightn’t pick it but there is also a little audio player (page 15) that pops up and plays tracks. Its very Russian this month, and always entertaining. Last issue was a bunch of stooges / clash / black flag / sex pistols / new york dolls / buzzcocks / x-ray specs and the like. Killer !

Oooh, ooh, oooh ! Now with film ! http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/tinshed/index.jsp?ln=241

find the vids, then flyfishing films, then ‘eastern rises’. SHWEET !

Awesome video and I don’t even fish yet watching it made me want to explore that river…NOW!

Helicopters, Packrafts, fantastic river, yep, that’s three out of three!

Love their filming and editorial technique, these guy’s actually make fishing look interesting (to a non-fishing person).

It’s flyfishing - of COURSE it’s interesting !