Fairbanks/Alaska Partners

Hello all

I am looking for partners for the next few weeks, whether it is a trip I can hop in with or if you would like to organize one with me. I teach in Fairbanks and the school year wraps up Tuesday, May 24. I am game for anything on any day of the week over the next two weeks.

I was hoping to try Windy Creek in Cantwell or Maclaren Summit to Eureka Creek (thanks Edventures) or something similar.

Send me a pm or reply and let’s see if we can get out there and do something.



You Fairbanks teachers are lucky, we are not done in the valley until Friday.

I would be game for a trip after my teaching gig is up for the year. Do you know anything about the conditions of the creeks you mentioned? Seems a little early to me for Denali Hwy runs, but I don’t know what the weather has been like in the north.


Forgot I did Windy Creek last year. Was an OK run but needed more water. I think we did it in mid June.

Some friends mentioned that the Nenana from the highway to near the park entrance looks exciting and doable. The gauge at Healy is at about 11 ft. Calling a raft company seems wise.

Here is an update on Windy Creek.

Are you (or anyone else out there) able to meet any day this week to try Windy Creek, Riley Creek, or some portion of the Tanana starting from the first bridge near Panorama Peak?

Monday through Thursday work well for me if I have a day or two to get organized. I am moving out of state around June 3 unfortunately.

Give me a call if something fits in the schedule. Have fun out there.
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