EU based sellers(!): Alpacka Denali Llama Wanted!

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a (used) Denali Lama:

  • Older versions (before 2011) are welcome (->potentially cheaper :wink:)
  • preferred colour would be green, but if not I’d take it anyhow, regardless the colour!!!
  • Spraydeck, stuff sack, inflation bag and removable seat & seat back should be included.

If its a good offer, i would take an adequate paddel in addition if you have one,if not, nevermind.

!This request is MAINLY directed to EU based sellers (in order to avoid costum duties,…). If there is a good offer from outside EU, however,feel free to contact me.!

Kindly Regards from Austria

Hi Eno,

I have a blue Llama with spraydeck, bought in 2009, potentially for sale. It has seen a fair amount of use, but is still in good condition. No leaking or anything, but the floor has some repaired holes (tiny ones). All original accessories included (such as inflation bag, seat, patch 'n go)

Special features:

  • comes with an installment of 6 graploops to apply thigh straps (worth 50$ + work)
  • plus the spraydeck is reinforced with snap fastener (“Druckknoepfe”).
  • own pack attache system included
  • grap lines and valve cap secure line attached

Have not figured out pricing yet, but will send PM if interested.
Boat is in Germany and ships customs free in the EU.