Escalante Advice?

Howdy folks. My buddy and I are considering a float/backpack trip somewhere in Utah the last week of April. We have lots of varied outdoor experience (mountaineering, wilderness canoeing, backpacking) but are packrafting newbies. We were considering doing the Escalante from River miles 36-76 (in harris gulch and out coyote). I don’t have much information on this stretch of river and my question is would it be a bad choice for a couple of beginners? We don’t mind a bit of adventure but don’t want to kill ourselves.

Otherwise, any suggestions for a great 5-6 day adventure with some killer canyons and a good mix of hike and paddle (ideally class II and below I would think) and anywhere in Utah would be fine. We are flying or driving from out of state so it doesn’t matter exactly where…

Thanks in advance.


Check out Jwalko’s trip report and videos. He hadn’t packrafted before. I’ve been planning my own trip and found a lot of useful info about difficulty.!i=1292812481&k=Cns9WZc

Thank you for the link. Great pics there!