Eel River (CA) trip President's Day Weekend 2015

Hi all, seeing if anyone is interested in doing a trip down the Eel River in NorCal over President’s Day weekend. Here’s the route:

This is a wilderness trip, not as far out there as other spots but pretty good for CA. We’d carry our stuff with us. Route is 47 miles, we could do three big days, but I’d rather get up there Friday and have four days.

The water levels in NorCal are…? things are really in flux with the drought. Right now this stretch is runnable, but I guess we’ll need to keep our eyes on the gauges.

If you’re interested, email me - taus.david (at) gmail. I live in San Francisco and can drive people from here. I may have some local friends interested as well. But we’d ideally have two cars so we can run the shuttle.