east fork susitna

curious to know if anybody else out there has done this hike/float (3rd from the bottom on this guy’s page, maybe you’re on this forum)? any info would be greatly appreciated.


Two of us did this trip over three days in early August 2010, after seeing it on the blog as well. It had been raining for 30 days straight in southcentral, though I’m not sure what it was like in the Denali area.

The route was beautiful and a great escape, with a bit of butt-dragging as noted on the map in Ed Plumb’s description. The bigger pass after Grogg Lake had some big boulders. Veering from the route on Ed Plumb’s blog, we cut to the west of the last peak headed north (5730’) and into the valley one south of his route, and found a good campsite on the beach on the northwest end of the bigger lake (3832’). We found decent (if a bit swampy) walking on the southern edge of the lake, with a bit of rock hopping. The rest of the walking was great, with ATV trails to treeline, easy travel, and some blueberries. Some wet feet from all the creek crossings early. Caribou everywhere.

We paddled about half the rapids, avoiding the biggest drop. There were great game trails for portaging as advertised. The butt-dragging part was a occasionally frustrating, choosing channels and not being sure when you’d sink to your thigh in the silt after jumping out to haul the raft. We pulled out on river left a bit early and cut back up to the road to save some time on the run back to the car. A bike would be great. Overall, it was a wonderful trip with fabulous scenery. I’d recommend drysuits or drypants and decent shoes over the booties (for walking in the river, not for big water).


right on. thanks for the reply.