East Fork of the Virgin River

Has anyone floated the East Fork of the Virgin River (UT) from Mt. Carmel to park boundary?

I’ve been thinking of that trip too. A friend of a friend did it. I’m not sure of the section below the park boundary as it is closed to hiking. You could take out on the fat mans exit or I think the falls can be bypassed on river left. The last bit before the falls could be scary.The flows are down this week but may come up again with higher temps.

Watch for a major spike this weekend. The region is getting a 2 day dose of wet snow down to 6,000 feet and temps are expected to rise again by thursday.

Odd year. Looks like the long term projections point to another cold spell early next week.


I would be game to do this in June, incorporating the weekend of the 18th into the trip if water is still up that late into the summer. Pretty tied up before that. I would be coming over from Grand Junction so carpooling/ ride sharing would be good if possible.

We could take 1 car and bikes for all. Place the bikes near Checkerboard Mesa and pedal mostly downhill to the car.

If anyone is still game for this . . . . let’s see what flows will be looking like the weekend of June 18th???

Or, is anyone interested in the Chute on Muddy Creek the weekend of the the 18th?

I forgot to post the Virgin River Narrows link http://www.eddyflower.com/RunDetailstabs.aspx?RunId=1700#/home