Eagle River Loop-raft

Driving to the parking area downstream of Campground Rapids and upstream of the Glenn and parking is good: one car, no shuttle.

Hike up and look at Campground Rapid. Pick a line or at least check for debris. Take the portage trail until it becomes a woods trail and follow the woods trail parallel to the river valley and up bluffs that scout sometimes cluttered corners, pass recent forest clearing and keep going until you see Eagle River Loop Road Bridge and then follow the line cut down to the river.

Blow up and float down. There are maybe five sets of easy rapids and a nice wave train straight away below the tallest bluff. Rarely any wood except sometimes at White Cross Rapids. Take out above Campground at the portage trail (signed), if you’re not running it, and if you are scout it.

It’s really good right now at its low volume flow (3.2 feet or 250 cfs) for people just getting out in their packrafts again. It’s forgiving but rewards maneuvering.

For experts, go down single bladed or make a paddle out of what you carry and what you find.