EAGLE RIVER claims another

Hello! Last weekend we went pac rafting down eagle river. We had to leave a pac raft because my friend got med evac’d out after getting sucked down the river. The pack raft was left in the middle of the river in between the main streams. It’s approx 7.5 miles up the trail from the nature center on the trail side of the river. It has a log in it to keep it from moving. It currently has a back pack in it too with my friends licence who was evac’d out. The raft is blue and belongs to John Evingston of pac raft Alaska . He can be contacted at 907-727-4238. If you are able to retrieve it, please do. Your reward will be a case of beer if you’d like :slight_smile:

Did you ever recover this boat and pack? Looked for it today and didn’t see anything