DON'T paddle Ship Creek...yet!!!!

Hey everyone,

So, as ludacris as it seems, I have 4 citations, a federal court date to be set, and a permanent ban from Ft. Rich & Elmendorf bases (no more Ship Creek or Lower Eagle RIver for me:^( I was called in after a run in mid-July. I sent my proposal to the base, as well as handed it to an officer in person while I was signing papers and sworn statements.

I just wanted to let everyone know that they are taking this EXTREMELY serious now, please DON’T kayak/pack raft/float Ship Creek (especially Ship Creek’s lower canyon) until I try to resolve these issues in Federal court. I’m awaiting their call with my court date where I will present the access proposal and hopefully make ammends to remove my permanent ban and open at least some sort of permitted access to running the creek.

Just thought I’d let everyone know,

Timmy J.

Sounds as if you may have gotten yourself in deep on this one! They’ve already got plenty of video of all of packrafting’s local suspect’s. If they wanted, I bet they could press charges against all on tape just to prove a point. Roman’s gotta have a few various citations simply based on one video alone. :astonished:

Have you contacted AWA??? Might be a good time to do so. Provided you’re a member…

wear a bandanna
(face not head)