Dinosaur National Monument

Looking for packrafters interested in running the Daily section of the Green River in Dino through Split Mountain on Sunday Oct 13th. Nice description: http://www.movingwaters.org/riverspeak/webb.html

Will probably drive up Fri from SLC, run the A and B sections of the Green below the FG damn on Sat AM, swing by the Dino River office in the PM for introductions then run the Dino Daily on Sun. Might be fun to traverse Split Mtn in a hike to the put in instead of the long drive and shuttle. http://www.summitpost.org/split-mountain/151496

This is kind of a dry run for a week trip in the spring. Not sure packrafts have been used in the park before? Do let me know if you have.

The regulations here are a bit onerous but, Dino is to be thanked for modifying them to accommodate packrafting. The biggest hurtle is the three chamber rule (seats don’t count, cargo fly or tube inserts are OK for Alpackas). And although it isn’t explicitly stated, I strongly recommend that your packraft be decked and or self bailing to meet the “white water equipped” requirement.

Happy to discuss details. Need to return the trip roster to Dino by Sept 29 to complete the permit.