Custom Baylee 2 Self Bailing

Hi All,

I’ve got an perfect condition feathercraft baylee 2 self bailing in blue colour for sale. Many tie downs, similar to Larry Bartlet’s big rig, thigh strap ready and easily rollable. Tie down discs makes attaching a dry bag to use as a backrest very easy. Great boat for someone that wants a little more room in their boat and doesn’t want to mess around with a spray deck. Fantastic if you’re looking for a whitewater boat. Weight is around 12.5lbs, light enough to use as a traditional packraft in demanding conditions. Inflation bag, high quality pump and serious repair kit is included. Also included is a hammock style seat, inflatable seat and backrest. Purchased late last summer and has only seen 1 season on flatwater and very gentle whitewater.

This cost 1750$ new, yours for 1250$ + actual shipping. Basically getting a Baylee 2 Self Bailing for the price of a stock Baylee 1 without self bailing floors or a spray deck. Similar price to an alpacka with spray deck, but is larger, more durable and self bailing.

Pm me for pictures!

Could you send me some photos?
Where are you located?
Thanks, Phil

Still available!

Please send me some photos, I am interested.

Thank you.

Still interested but I can’t seem to send a private message. Can you send me one with pictures?