Crow pass/Eagle river

Anyone been lately? Just wanted some beta as far as log jams, snags etc. Going to do it sunday.


9 of us ran it 8/1/09. Looked at the put-in right where the trail comes to the river and opted to walk down stream ~.3 miles to smoother water. Had we all been experienced and in dry suits the 300-400 yards of class III would have been fun. If you want to stay out of splash, walk down.

Lots of places the river had run through the trees and brush. Lost (and then found) a boat that got away from a lady and went down oen of the brushy channels too scary looking to venture into. But the unaccompanied boat made it to the other end then hung up on some brush, waiting to be retrieved.

All-in-all, a fast and uneventful run as long as you take out before Echo Bend!