could a group safely packraft across the open ocean.

Considering that they had the proper gear, and navigational tools? It got me thinking after I went to a wave pool and practiced climbing back into the raft during the waves. In my Llama, I can fit all of my camping gear in a drybag under my butt, and a month worth of food in a drybag in front of my feet. Fjord Explorer would be even more suitable. Suppose I did a trip in the South Pacific during a season of calm weather. To sleep I could strap my gear to the bow and stern, bail any water out of my raft from paddling, dry it with a towel, pull out a blanket and sleep while laying in the bottom of the Explorer. Also, is there some portable way to desalinate water? The polynesians crossed thousands of miles in open ocean. So I was wondering if a group could island hop in the South Pacific.

I think it would be cool if Alpacka made a 2 person inflatable catamaran sailboat like this:

Or this, with a shelter between the pontoons (click on the link to “John Snyder’s Inflatable Houseboat in the Fiji Islands”)

Or a ten person inflatable kayak like this:

Or maybe a 20 person inflatable catamaran with an ultralight inflatable floating shelter to sleep in :slight_smile: It would of course be stowed betwixt the manned riggers, and inflated with some kind of pump.

Finally, I want Alpacka to make me a small ultralight inflatable houseboat to live in, out on Lake Coeur D’Alene during the summer, and Lake Powell during the winter. Just paddle out into some lake, inflate it with a pump, anchor it, and move in. I would never have to pay for a room with crummy house-mates ever again. I would save tens of thousands of dollars not paying rent while thumbing my nose at the feds for being able to squat legally and living free. I would pay a few thousand for this boat that I can ship via UPS across the nation while traveling on my bicycle. Alpacka, can you make me one?