Cool name for a two-person raft?

Bearing in mind, though, Hig, that your inseam is a probably little shorter than the average 5’9.5" male… not that this a flaw, just something that affects boat fit. A flatwater boat that’s a little shorter is in the works. A whitewater boat for smaller folks would take some development.

“Moose” feels kind of big/heavy to me. I want a truck-floating pontoon kit called “the Hippo”…

alpacka two’fer?

Long John
Two Fold

Double Trouble

Love Boat

The Barge

Rumpus Raft

Can you tell I’m bored :cry:

“Traveller” is descriptive and the kind of name that might stand the test of time. Maybe not as cute as Ford Explorer or Alpaca, but functional, like the boat really is.

Ketchikan Courier…


The Alpacka 2-Person; boat looks great, but that name has to go. I like Duet cause it tells you about the boat and implies action.
“Have you seen the new Alpacka Water Moc?”
“No, which one is that?”
“It’s the 2-Person raft.”

I also like “Camel”, but I don’t think it’s right somehow. Too many mental associations before I “get it”. “Bactrian” sorta fits, with the 2 humps, but is an awkward word. I’m guessing you’ve considered keeping it in the family; Vicuna or Guanaco, “Guanaco Taco” springs to mind but surely that is taken and a little too cute. Guanaco shortens to "guano’’ and that’s not what we want here. Maybe “The Big Vicuna”. Check out the Wikipedia thing for “Camelids”. The Alpaca Tylopod? Camelops is kinda funny, “Epoch: Pliocene-Pleistocene, Remarks: Large, with true camel feet. Hump status uncertain.” Not unlike the Alpaca “2-Person”, hump status uncertain.

“Dual Mule” might have been more in keeping with the critters-as-cargo-carriers theme.

Or perhaps:

Double Donkey

It’s got a name! :mrgreen: